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And you don`t like to organize it all yourself?

We can help you! We offer guided (hiking)tours in and around Hemsedal. Our aim is to guide you to enjoy the fantastic nature and scenery.

We offer standard tours and customised hiking tours; hiking in summertime and snowshoe walking in the winter.

We can accommodate small and a little bit bigger groups to suit your needs.

Did you know that?

  • From the end of february the sun shines longer then in Great-Britain.
  • We also run a campsite and holiday cabins firm called "Hulbak Camping & Hytter" in Hemsedal; read more about this here.
  • The tourist office in Hemsedal can help you with more information on activities. Lots of options for more adventures! Read more about this here.
  • During winter Hemsedal has a lot to offer. Hemsedal Ski centre hosts more guests compared to the rest of Norway. Read more about this here.
  • Hemsedal is situated in Hallingdal. Hallingdal is a part of Fjell and Fjord Norway and can give you a lot of inspiration and ideas. Read more.

Veien til Ulsåkstølen i Hemsedal, Hallingdal, Norge














 View over Hemsedal

 Snowshoe hiking

Enjoy your adventures with likeminded people and leave the organisation to us.

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