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What can we offer

Together we take a walk while enjoying nature is paramount. The perception is central and not the spectacle. Fresh air, silence, a reindeer or 2, sitting on a rock and eating your sandwich while the stove is preparing some hot drinks. In short: just enjoy it! See also our information video.

In the footsteps of reindeer

We offer a hiking tour in the footsteps of the reindeer or moose around Velfjord. Big chance that you will see one of the several hundreds around here.

  • Every Wednesday and Saturday from June 22th until August 20th. Other dates on request.
  • Sign up until 20:00 o'clock on the day before departure.
  • Meet at the reception of Velfjord Camping & Hytter at 10:00 o clock.
  • The minimum number of participants is 8.
  • The minimum length of the hike is 4 hours until maximum 6 hours.
  • All the participants bring their own lunch and suitable equipment/clothing.
  • Hot drinks are included during the hike; bring a cup.
  • The trip destination depends on the group.
  • Prices: adults 220 NOK, children (till 12 years) 180 NOK; 3rd child for free!! Guests from Velfjord Camping & Hytter get 50 NOK discount per person.

   Signing up: Call (+47)91787021  or e-mail to info@norskoutdoor.no

Customized hikes

Everything is possible as long as it is hiking. Together with you we will make a program and a price. Think about:

  • 1-day hikes in a surrounding of your choice.
  • Multi-day (mini)expedition with use of cabins from the DNT (Norwegian Hiking Association).
  • Multi-day (mini) expedition with use of tents and camping in the wild (not on a campsite).

   Signing up: Call (+47)91787021  or e-mail to info@norskoutdoor.no


Why would you do this with Norsk Outdoor?

  • Because your own experience is not enough.
  • Because you are unsure about your own capacities.
  • Because you’re not sure if you can hike with your children.
  • Because you miss some equipment.
  • Because you like to hike together with other people.
  • Because you don’t like to organize it all by yourself.
  • Because you could use advice about your equipment, walking technique and planning and organizing of your own hikes.

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