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About us

We just love to be active in the outdoors. Because of that we moved to Norway in 2010. The first 6,5 years we lived in Hemsedal which is situated in beautiful Hallingdal. September 2016 we moved to even more beautiful Velfjord in Nordland.

After years of experience in planning, organizing and actually hiking we offer us now as (hiking)guide in Velfjord and surroundings. In wintertime we can guide you on your snowshoe adventure.

Besides guiding we run a campsite and cabins firm named Velfjord Camping & Hytter.


For more than 15 years we hiked with tent and map through Scandinavia and Iceland. Our speciality is multi-days trips where we are self-sufficient. This means that we take everything with us; from GPS to pasta and from tent poles to patches. We have experience as guides through our own guiding firm as well as working as (mountain and elk-safari)guides for the guiding firm Norske Opplevelser and the Tourist Office of Hemsedal.

Marcel has experience in working with groups due to his job as a teacher in the Netherlands.

Besides experience in hiking we also have experience in multi-days trips on a bike, in a canoe and with skies pulling a sledge. In May 2012 we crossed the Hardangervidda in 10 days on skis for example. We get an ultimate feeling of freedom in being as long as possible in nature, using only our own power; as far away as possible from daily culture.



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